Meet Your Skincare Developer

From ER Doctor to Leading Authority on Beauty Enhancing Treatments


Meet Your Physician-Developer, Dr. Selene

Dr. Selene Castrejon is the leading authority on beauty-enhancing cosmetic treatments in the U.S., founder of Be You Medical, a top 10 Botox® and Filler provider in the nation, and creator of the Eneles skincare line.

Before launching Be You Medical, Dr. Selene served as Assistant Chief in the ER, giving her a deep understanding and experience in healing the human body. Today, her distinctive techniques, from injected over 1 million units of Botox®, hundreds of thousands of filler syringes, and trained numerous clinicians on the proper use of injectables.

Dr. Selene often encourages patients in her clinic and women through social media to look their best and feel their best so they can do their best. Her candid transparency and refusal to prioritize profits over patients has made her one of the most in-demand beauty experts and injectors in the United States. 

Dr. Selene’s Clinic, Be You Medical, is a top 10 Botox®
 and Filler Provider in the Nation.

Be You Medical earned its reputation by only providing treatments and skincare that produce real results for patients. When Dr. Selene saw a gap in the skincare market for highly effective products, she sought out to develop her own. The pursuit lead her to hand-select potent ingredients that were known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and hydrating properties.

She turned to CBD as the main ingredient in each of her skincare products for its unique calming and healing properties. When paired with other ingredients like Squalane, Avocado Fruit Oil, Argan Oil and even Retinol, these products proved to give clients the results they were searching for!

The Full Skincare Line

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